Protecting educators and labor

We saw partisan attacks on Chapter 20, collective bargaining, in the 2017 legislature pushed through by elected Republicans in the House and Senate and signed by our Governor.  This district is home to thousands of hard working union members who need a voice at our state capitol.  We must protect IPERS and enhance the right to join a labor union, work towards raising the minimum wage and standing up to fair and equal treatment in the workforce.  When hard working Iowans have more money in their pockets our economy thrives.

Adequate funding for public education

District 19 is home to dozens of public school districts with thousands of students and hundreds of educators.  Education is the gateway to a brighter future and our state government has an obligation to give the necessary resources to help give every child a successful opportunity to succeed and grow.  For too long now we have been setting aside the bare minimum for our schools in Iowa.  Resulting in lower wages for educators, larger class sizes, older technology and textbooks as well as attacks on the education profession.  This is due to a shift in priorities by the Republicans at our state capitol.  We have a strong chance to re-prioritize education, funding, and respect for all children of Iowa this November!


Health care

Reverse Medicaid Privatization

The privatization of Medicaid in Iowa has resulted in taxpayers spending more money while Iowans receive less access to care. Families across our state are suffering and it’s time for change - we must reverse Medicaid privatization and ensure quality accessible care for all Iowans.

Improve Mental Health Care

Passing a mental health bill without providing funding is like doing nothing at all and does not help those in need. At a time when Iowa is dead last in access to mental health treatment, we need leaders willing to stand up and take action on this issue, including increased funding.


Our Economy

An Economy for all

We have seen our state budget be miss-prioritized by the Republican Party in Iowa leading us to growing deficits and it is time we get back to an economic system that works for everyone.


First, we need elected representatives who are from the district and in touch with their local communities.

Second, we need to focus on people!  Making sure hard working Iowan's have a government that works in their best interests.  This starts with a well-funded public education system, a healthcare system that takes the greed out of needed care, and taking back and fixing the damaging Medicaid privatization.

Third, we must re-evaluate the corporate tax credit programs in Iowa and make sure we are focusing on building an economy centered around Main St. and not just out of state Wall St.

rural respect

Growing up on the family farm taught me a lot and now living on the line of rural / urban Iowa, just minutes from the hustle and bustle of the Des Moines metro, we need leadership from district 19 who understands the importance of protecting our rich rural resources while managing the growth of urban development.  This takes years of understanding and I am proud to have worked a large part of my career centered around these issues.

Rural Iowa is important and always will be, our state government should be helping make our rural communities stronger, not eroding them.  Farmers need a representative from district 19 who understands that we are stewards of the land, our jobs as farmers is to not just grow necessary crops but to protect our soil and water for future use.


Our environment

Renewable energy

We have seen Iowa's economy embrace renewable energies in past years, but lately our state legislature is ready to turn back the clock on our progress towards sustainable and affordable energy such as wind, solar and biofuels.  Renewable energies have a positive impact on our rural economies and provide great jobs and incomes for hard working Iowans all across this state.

Improving our water quality

The can has been kicked down the road for far too long.  The quality of our water has diminished to unprecedented levels.  We need leaders at our state capitol who are ready to sit down and do the research and bring all of the ideas to the table to make proper changes to how we see our most valuable resource, water.  I believe this is a combination of rural and urban changes needed to improve everyone's access and quality of water.