My name is Gregg Gustafson, I was raised on a farm in Northwest Iowa where I learned the value of hard work, a good education and caring about others. It started when my grandfather immigrated to Northwest Iowa from Sweden at the age of 16. He started farming and eventually became a seed salesman where I would travel with him and we would talk about the land, caring for your family and neighbors, what it meant to be a Democrat and why Iowa is so special. These conversations forged my values and my commitment to a government that serves the people.

After graduating high school, I attended Iowa State University where I earned a degree in Agronomy. I also met my wife, Peg Armstrong-Gustafson, an Iowa native. We have been married for 35 years and have a daughter, Alexandra.

A strong economy with good jobs is very important to our district and to me. Growing up on the farm is where I first learned how to be an entrepreneur and manage a business. The farm provided a good living and great work experience for me and my family. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to starting my own company, which recycled garbage and reclaimed paper and cubed it as an alternative energy source to coal. It was clear at this point that conservation and the environment would be core principles of mine. My passion for finance and economics led me to become a financial planner which later led me to earn a MBA degree from Drake University and studying international finance at City University in London, England. This work experience and education prepared me to start my current business, which owns and manages commercial housing in the Des Moines area. Every day I go to work knowing that I create jobs and provide affordable, safe housing for families while holding onto my Democratic values.

While working and raising our family, I serve my community. I have volunteered and served in leadership roles at Windsor Heights Lutheran Church, Special Olympics Iowa, Variety Club -The Children’s Charity, Port of Entry for recovering alcoholics and addicts, Planned Parenthood of Iowa, Greater Des Moines Cyclone Club and Iowa State University Foundation Board of Governors.

Family, hard work, education, starting my own businesses, and serving my community has prepared me to serve as your District 19 representative in the Iowa House. I will work for you as someone from the district for the district.

Gregg is the right candidate to represent the people of House District 19, he is ready to listen and eager to work hard for common ground and a positive future.
— Bryce Smith, Small Business Owner

What we will accomplish together:

  • Adequately fund and support our public education systems by making education a top priority.
  • Bridge the gap between rural and urban Iowa by focusing on small business growth, local economic development and upholding our need for small farmers and agribusiness in our district.
  • Bring people and organizations to the table to improve the quality of our water and environment.
  • Work to provide and strengthen mental health services in district 19 and our state.
  • Fix the broken Medicaid privatization and work towards a better healthcare insurance plan for all Iowans.
  • Be a voice for hard working Iowans, our union brothers and sisters, and our retired community.
  • Balance our state budgets in a way that respects hard working Iowans and curbs the need for large  corporate tax cuts.